13 Jun 2022

13 Jun 22 - #30DaysWild Day 13 - Purbeck Seabird Survey

I would like to start this Blog Post by thanking again the local National Trust team who invited me to join one of the annual seabird counts along the Purbeck coast to St Aldhelms & Old Harry run by Footprint Ecology today. The survey ran from Durlston to St Aldhelms and also the Ballard Down cliffs up to Old Harry. Fortunately, the Footprint Ecology team, Durwyn, Debbie & Sophie were doing the counting, which allowed me contribute a few additional records, take some photos & generally enjoy the trip. It was superb weather for the count & hard to picks the four photos for today's #30DaysWild. I will return and publish more Blog Posts with additional photos at a later date.
Peregrine: This Peregrine was sitting under an overhanging ledge at Durlston in a great protected position
Blackers Hole: This sea cave is home to the last small colony of Purbeck Kittiwakes: we saw six occupied nests
Puffin: I don't need to explain why I've chosen to add one of Purbeck's most favourite species. Sadly, these days the nearest colonies are Bempton Cliffs & the Scilly Isles
Old Harry: This is the first time I've seen Old Harry from this angle