7 Apr 2020

7 Apr 20 - Three More Lockdown Birds #BWKM0

Looking out of the study window on the previous day while I was on work calls hadn't produced much out of the ordinary. I was expecting a similar day for the calls on the Tuesday, but it was a lot more varied. Firstly, one of the local Kestrels & a couple of the local Sparrowhawks were flying around quite a bit, along with several Buzzards. I had a couple of passes over the house from a Peregrine, which was great as they can be very erratic visitors. But things picked up when a Mallard flew over, with a second sighting later in the afternoon.
Mallard: This is an erratic species which I see once or twice most Springs of individuals that are presumably trying to find places to nest. Santa Cruz Island, California (21 Nov 14)
Not long after the second Mallard sighting, I saw my first Swallow flying North in a hurry. It had probably only arrived a few minutes earlier & wasn't hanging around. Quite a few locals have reported seeing Swallows in the previous week, but they are lucky enough to be within walking range of one of the wetland parts of Poole Harbour: which are more likely to attract one of the earlier arrivals.
Swallow: Middlebere (21 May 14)
It was a clear, still evening & about 22:00 I popped out into the garden for a couple of minutes. My plan came up trumps within thirty seconds: my third Garden Year (48) & Lockdown (44) Tick on the list: a calling Tawny Owl.
Owl statue: It wouldn't have looked much like this, but I've not managed to get any Tawny Owl photos yet

Check tomorrow to see the next day's wildlife sighting at when I will be confined at #BWKM0.