6 Apr 2020

6 Apr 20 - My Second Bird Garden Tick Of The Year #BWKM0

One of the positives of the current lockdown is that Birders are spending more time looking at the gardens or local areas, with many enjoying their Lockdown Listing. Having lived in an excellent house for Birds & wildlife for around 23 years, I am already well aware of the its potential. However, as I can't go out Birding, I am enjoying spending more time watching from the house. I noticed as I got up that there wasn't too much glare from the sea by Peveril Point, so set up the telescope for a distant seawatch, in the hope of the elusive Common Scoter. I had forty-five minutes, before I had to grab some breakfast before opening the works laptop. After forty minutes, I was thinking maybe I should have abandoned the seawatch after thirty minutes as I had seen nothing. Then a Diver flew East through the scope with a second Bird. The one I focused on was a Great Northern Diver. I presume the other individual had been another Diver, but I didn't get time to look at it, before both had disappeared from my field of view.
Great Northern Diver: Crossing Harris to Berneray (17 Nov 15)
Immediately left of my view of Peveril Point is the tall Wellington Clock Tower, followed by trees so there is no opportunity to try following anything. It would have been nice to know what the other individual had been, but I was happy with the Great Northern Diver as that was a House Tick.
The Wellington Clock Tower: This tower was originally built in London to commemorate the Duke of Wellington & should have had a statue of Wellington in the open top, but lack of money meant it was never completed. It was finally bought to Swanage by George Burt & re-erected in 1868 (8 Apr 11)
Check tomorrow to see the next day's wildlife sighting at when I will be confined at #BWKM0.