29 Jun 2014

29 June 14 - Photographing White Legs

Off to the River Stour water meadows next to Canford School in Canford Magna. There is a suspension bridge over the river onto the water meadows on the North side of the river where there is a public footpath. This was to specifically look for White-legged Damselflies, which my mate Kevin had seen a number of the previous weekend.
The River Stour: A great looking river
The River Stour
The White-legged Damselflies habitat: They were resting in the rough grass alongside these banks of Stinging Nettles
Another view of the White-legged Damselfly grass habitat
There were about 10 White-legged Damselflies present. While they were happily perching on the long grass. When disturbed they disappeared back into the Stinging Nettles beyond a barbed wire fence. But given a few minutes, they did return. Superfically, they are another small blue Damselfly, but when they are seen really well, they are quite distinctive & great looking Damselflies.
White-legged Damselfly: Male. Note, the distinctive inverted Y markings on the abdomen
White-legged Damselfly: Male. Very distinctive white legs and obvious orange brown pterostigma
White-legged Damselfly: I'm assuming this is an immature female, but the blue spot on the thorax is interesting
White-legged Damselfly: Another immature female