18 Jun 2014

18 June 14 - Serendipitous Sweet Hawk

The plan was to head out of the county to look for some Dragonflies that are tricky or not found in Dorset. In the end, I had no success with the Dragonflies species that I was looking for & I'll leave the general scenery shots for another blog. The main reason is I had a Honey Buzzard fly over some open countryside & don't want to indicate where I was at the time. I suspect this site is known about, but I will look up the county recorder's details, to let them know, in case it's an unknown site. It caught me by surprise, but fortunately, I still had the big lens on as I had been photographing a regular Buzzard earlier & just rattled off as many shots as I could. These few came out OK.
Honey Buzzard: Wow
Honey Buzzard: Like the yellow eye
Honey Buzzard: A bit of the upperwing
These were the best views I have had for 30 years of an HB, since a similar occasion whilst looking for Butterflies & Moths in the New Forest. As I was wasn't doing well on the Dragonfly front, I decided to keep with the sweet theme & find a cream tea, before heading home.