10 Jun 2014

10 June 14 - A Warm Welcome to Hungary

Welcome to Hungary: you are my 50th Country to visit the Blog. I've not managed to make it to Hungary yet, but my mate, John Wright, who I travelled around the Western Sahara & Morocco with has recently returned from leading a Birding & Mammals tour there. He saw a lot of good birds & Mammals and it has confirmed my wishes to visit Hungary at some point in the next few years.
What a great readership of the Blog
Three weeks ago I was looking at another Birding Blog & saw a really great flag counter. Looking at it, I realised it was free to download & install and about 30 minutes it was on my Blog. I enjoy looking at it, to see who the readers of this Blog are & I'm quite surprised about your geographical distribution around the world. Given the trip to India, then it's not too surprising that there will are readers with interests in Oriental Birding. Likewise, the trips to Western Sahara/Morocco & Israel will have added a number of readers from around the Western Palearctic. The New Zealand flag was easy to add: my Sister & family live there (Hi guys). But there is already a good spread of readers from around the world. It is heartening to see how many people around the world have an interest in Birds & other wildlife. I have been birding in 28 of the 50 countries & would like to get to visit as many of the remaining 22 at some stage where time, finances & visas allow. In case you're would like more details of where the readers are from: here are the 50 flags:-
These are the flags of countries that have read the Blog in the last 3 weeks
The first 25 flags
The next 25 flags
So a big thank you to everybody for reading the Blog. I hope you have enjoyed it & continue to return over the coming weeks & months.