24 Mar 2020

24 Mar 20 - Red Kite & Garden Mega #BWKM0

In a recent Post, I said I was surprised that I hadn't seen a Red Kite flying over the house in the last few days, given how much time I've spent in my study & the number of other Dorset Birders who had seen them on the move recently. So, I was pleasantly surprised to get a response to my 'complaint' when a Red Kite flew over the house in an Easterly direction about 11:15 today, during a works phone call. Must admit I am getting quite happy with the idea of having to focus my mind, ears & voice on phone calls, whilst leaving my eyes to keep an eye on what is flying around outside.
Migratory Red Kite: Ballard Down (6 Apr 15)
I was proof reading the above Post this evening, when I decided to have a quick look out of the window before the light faded. Perfect timing as I could see three distant Birds flying North in formation towards Poole Harbour about 18:40. I thought they would probably be Gulls. But as they were flying in a line I thought it was worth a look with the bins: wow Egyptian Goose. Not only a Garden Tick, but only the fourth species of Waterfowl for the Garden List. I get Mallard erratically & not even annually in the Spring. But otherwise, I've only seen Shelduck on two occasions & Canada Geese once. The Garden List is now on 116.
Egyptian Goose: Wish they had been this close. Drents-Friese Wold, Holland (28 Nov 13)
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