31 Mar 2020

31 Mar 20 - Outstaying Your Welcome #BWKM0

When I returned from work one evening at the end of Sep 19, I found a small Micro Moth in the house. I didn't look at it too closely & mistook it for a Brown House-moth. It was quickly potted & released outside. Over the next few days, I caught a couple of more individuals & looking at them properly, I realised they were Indian Meal Moths. This looks to be a fairly common introduced Moth, but one I hadn't seen before. Like the first they were quickly caught & released outside. By mid Oct, they had stopped appearing & I though the problem was resolved. Then a few weeks later, I came home & found a number of thin, pale yellowish caterpillars walking up the kitchen wall. They also were released outside. But I wasn't surprised when I started seeing adults again in the kitchen in early Nov. Since that time, I been catching & release both caterpillars & adults in low numbers. They had clearly arrived in some of the Bird seed I had bought & the adults were relaying eggs back into the seed. I've subsequently had to buy large plastic boxes for all the seed, but both caterpillars & adults are remarkably good at squeezing through the smallest gaps where the lids are not a 100% tight fit.
Indian Meal Moth: I guess having the odd one still being caught gives me another attempt to get a better photo (2 Oct 19)
I'm hoping that I am finally close to the end of this problem, as they have clearly outstayed their welcome, having released around 300 adults, plus a lot of caterpillars.

Check tomorrow to see the next day's wildlife sighting at when I will be confined at #BWKM0.