30 Mar 2020

30 Mar 20 - Visitors Run Through The Manor #BWKM0

I regularly, but erratically, see Roe Deer from the house as already discussed in a previous #BWKM0 Post. They are easily my favour UK Deer & one of the two native species. During the afternoon, I saw three Deer run through the field next to my house, but they were female Sika Deer: this was clearly the wildlife highlight of the day.
Sika Deer: Female in evening summer light. Middlebere (25 May 14)
Any visitors to Poole Harbour will be very familiar with introduced Sika Deer. They are the common Deer species in the wider Poole Harbour basin, including Wareham Forest & Purbeck. I've often seen them in small numbers to the South of the Corfe ridge in the last couple of decades, but they aren't as common as they are North of the ridge. But it is only in the last couple of years that I have seen them from the house: this is only my sixth record. All the records were of them moving through the field, rather than feeding or resting in the field: which are the most likely activities with the local Roe Deer.
Sika Deer: The larger & bulkier structure, white arse & longer tail are all features for Sika Deer. Even these growing antlers are already longer than a male Roe Deer, which only have a single antler with a couple of close prongs on it. East Lulworth (6 Jun 14)
Roe Deer: Ballard Down. Male. These antlers are about as long as they get (31 Aug 10)
In Mar 19, I was watching a couple of female Roe Deer feeding in the field, when five Sika Deer appeared. One of the Roe Deer individuals calmly carried on feeding. But the other became very agitated & jumped around quite a bit, before moving to one side to let the Sika Deer pass. She quickly settled down after they had gone. I think it's the first time I've seen the two species together & it clearly spooked the second individual.
Sika Deer: A mature male. Greenlands Farm (11 Sep 16)
Check tomorrow to see the next day's wildlife sighting at when I will be confined at #BWKM0.