23 Mar 2020

23 Mar 20 - To The Very Small #BWKM0

Today's wildlife focus is something many of the UK population may have, but have never noticed or looked at carefully. About ten years I had some new carpets fitted in the bedrooms. The following Spring, I noticed what looked like a miniature Ladybird in one of the bedrooms. The problem was it was only about 3mm long & I couldn't figure out which species it was. I took a photo & put in on the excellent iSpot site, where you can post photos & volunteers offer their help to identify the species. Several answers quickly came back & all said Varied Carpet Beetle. It's not a species I was familiar with, but then I've not got a Beetle field guide.
Varied Carpet Beetle: They are quite cute when seen well (7 Apr 12)
Since that date, there has been a regular appearance between Feb & May of Varied Carpet Beetles. Generally, I find them close to the windows and they are quickly helped on their way to explore the outside. But clearly, some end up finding each other & laying new eggs in the upstairs carpets. I guess many people would be shocked to have to share their house with these little Beetles, however, they haven't destroyed the carpets in the last decade, so I'm happy to live with them, albeit the ones I see get the chance to live outside once found.

Check tomorrow to see the next day's wildlife sighting at #BWKM0. The Post is already written & it will be a couple of Bird species.