18 Mar 2020

18 Mar 20 - Birdwatching At KM 0 #BWKM0

A couple of days ago, I saw a tweet saying that Italian Birders were fighting back at the stay at home instructions from the government & were tweeting sightings from their homes & gardens under the #BWKM0 Birdwatching at kilometre 0. I've decided to join in with this & get the Blog going again. Working in the IT industry, I'm probably luckier than many as I can work from home & we were all sent home this week for the indefinite future. With a desk & a computer screen already set up in the house, it's been an easy transition. The commute to work is now under 30 seconds, even carrying a cup of tea, which is certainly better than the usual hour & three quarters each way. Even better I've got a nice view from my study & looking out of the window, is a lot better than staring at a computer screen showing photos of my work colleague's faces, while on yet another long conference call. So, with some of time not spent commuting, I've decided to do a short Blog of the most interesting Birding or Wildlife event from the day. I will be posting my photos, but they may be ones from the archive rather than taken on the day. After all, I am still being paid to work for most of the daylight hours.

The highlight of the day was the first Chiffchaff for the year in the Garden. Over the 22 Springs I've spent in the house, this was the second earliest record for the year: only beaten by in one year by one on 14 Mar 09.
Chiffchaff: I've not got any reasonable Spring photos, so it will have to be a late Autumn photo taken South Beach, Studland (7 Oct 14)
Check tomorrow to see the next day's wildlife sighting at #BWKM0.