22 Dec 2018

22 Dec 18 - Index To My Other Baleen Whale Posts

This Blog Post is an Index to all the Blog Posts covering my Baleen Whale sightings, excluding the Rorqual Whales. The following Blog Posts cover all my Rorqual Whale, Baleen Whale, Sperm Whale, Beaked Whale, Beluga Whale & Narwhal, Blackfish, Atlantic Dolphin, Pacific Dolphin and Porpoise Posts. The taxonomy follows the Marine Mammals of the World (Second Edition) book. There are links to the Posts against each entry below. Alternatively, you can click on a particular species in the Keywords section on the right side of the Blog to show all Posts for the selected species. Finally, selecting the Cetaceans Keyword to show all Cetacean Posts. I will continue to add to the photos and links as I write new Cetacean Blogs.

The Baleen Whales (excluding Rorqual Whales) covers the following species: North Atlantic Right Whale, North Pacific Right Whale, Southern Right Whale, Bowhead Whale, Pygmy Right Whale and Gray Whale. Currently, I have only seen Southern Right Whale and North Pacific Whale, although I do not have any photos of the latter species.
Southern Right Whale: Off Cooper Island, South Georgia (4 Apr 18)