11 Jul 2018

11 Jul 18 - Ageing The Middlebere Spoonbills

Question which to watch? World Cup England verses Croatia or Middlebere. Answer: Middlebere. There was a selection of recently arrived Waders and a few breeding Shelduck showing off their surviving chicks. But the stars of the show were the two Spoonbills.
Spoonbill: A fairly typical early evening view of some sleeping Spoonbills (just how I remember my first ever Spoonbills at Minsmere in the late 70s)
Spoonbill: 1st Summer. The right hand individual which I think is the Spoonbill I saw & photographed here on 24 Jun 18. This individual has no crest
Spoonbill: 2nd Summer. The left hand individual which has a short crest. This is a newly arrived individual
Spoonbill: They finally woke up & started a bit of grooming
Spoonbill: 2nd Summer. A stretch of the wings followed
Spoonbill: 1st Summer. The left hand original individual looks like a 1st Summer
Spoonbill: 2nd Summer. The newly in (crested) individual looks like a 2nd Summer. This is the individual showing a short crest & less extensive yellow on the spoon
Spoonbill: 1st Summer. The original individual has a more extensive yellow patch on the spoon
Spoonbill: 2nd Summer. The new individual. It is being photobombed by a few Black-tailed Godwits
Spoonbill: (12 Jul 18)
Spoonbill: (12 Jul 18)
Spoonbill: 1st Summer. A final wave from the original Spoonbill (12 Jul 18)
Spoonbill: 1st Summer. Only the original Spoonbill was present on 13 Jul 18. There was a Spoonbill at Lytchett Bay so presumably that's the 2nd Summer individual
Spoonbill: Tradition demands a final sunset picture (occasionally)