5 Apr 2018

5 Apr 18 - Atlantic Odyssey - Day Eight: At Sea From South Georgia To Gough Island

After three very hectic days around South Georgia, we were back out at sea & would not see the next land, Gough Island, until the late afternoon of the fifth day. Therefore, as the sea was relatively rough, then it was a good day to relax a bit & catch up on some of the lost sleep from the previous few days. As a result of the more relaxed day, I didn't do a lot of photography, but did I manage to photograph the only Tick I saw that day.
Sooty Albatross: An atmospheric shot to indicate that some days the weather wasn't great in the South Atlantic
There were a few more Birds around on following day including my first Spectacled Petrels & a Cattle Egret on the Plancius. However, I was still taking it easy & still trying to get rid of the ship's cold that had been circulating around the Plancius for the last few days. Therefore, the cameras stayed in the cabin.