12 Nov 2014

12 Nov 14 - A Delightful Fruit-dove

Yesterday's Post featured my first photos of the Tuamotu Sandpipers seen on our first day on the low-lying coral atoll of Tenararo in French Polynesia. Soon after taking those photos, Martin found the first of at least a dozen Atoll Fruit-doves that I saw during the day. They were all the same, very approachable & happy to pose for photos. A photographers delight, especially as I'm a big fan of Fruit-doves. Hope you enjoy the photos.
Atoll Fruit-dove: They preferred these small native bushes around the edges of the beach
Atoll Fruit-dove: This species is restricted to islands in the Tuamotu group. The population hasn't been estimated, but it is likely to be threatened on islands with introduced predators. Fortunately, Tenararo has no introduced predators
Atoll Fruit-dove: The perfect model. After taking about 70 photos from the front, it turned around to allow photos of the back & wings. If only, other Birds were this cooperative
Atoll Fruit-dove: Another species that wouldn't survive well if introduced predators got to the island as they are so tame
Atoll Fruit-dove: How gorgeous are they?
Atoll Fruit-dove: Another good thing from the photography viewpoint, is they were often happy to post low down
Atoll Fruit-dove: They were so photogenic, that I couldn't resist taking more photos every time I found another individual
Atoll Fruit-dove
 Atoll Fruit-dove: Bet you were wondering about the underwing pattern
Atoll Fruit-dove: This must be part of its display as it slowly turned around with its wings up
Atoll Fruit-dove: This one looks like it has done all it wants to do today
Atoll Fruit-dove: Another showy Fruit-dove back on the beach
Atoll Fruit-dove: A final shot before it was time to get back on the jet boat