3 Sept 2014

3 Sep 14 - Churchyard Redstarts

As well as the Pied Flycatcher & Spotted Flycatchers in the Studland churchyard, there were also 3 Redstarts. While this number wouldn't be that unusual at Durlston or Portland or occasionally on a good day at the nearby Old Harry, I have never seen more than a single Redstart in the Studland churchyard & even then only on a few occasions. So finding 3 individuals feeding in the church was noteworthy & an opportunity for plenty of photos.
Redstart: With a Chiffchaff trying to get noticed. I assume this Redstart is a female
Redstart: Showing the red tail base & outer tail feathers, which gives them their name
Redstart: Male. The Redstarts liked to feed from the gravestones when it was quiet. The third Redstart was a less well marked male, but I failed to get any photos of that individual
Redstart: Male. Signs of a male plumage are coming through on this individual
Restart: Male. In a few weeks this is likely to be on the wintering grounds in Sub-Saharan African: which stretches in a band from Senegal to Western Kenya & Ethiopia. Hopefully, it will make it back to breed next Spring