9 Apr 2020

9 Apr 20 - A Green Theme #BWKM0

Today's B in #BWKM0 stands for Bug or Shieldbug to be more accurate. I saw my first Shieldbug whilst at university & after a bit of searching of the university library, I managed to find a single & very old book on Shieldbugs, which confirmed it was a Hawthorn Shieldbug. About a decade ago, I discovered there was an excellent book on their identification: A photographic guide to the Shieldbugs and Squashbugs of the British Isles by Martin Evans and Roger Edmondson. It was quickly bought & has helped me identify the species I've bumped into since. With the Lockdown still in place, I'm trying to spend a few minutes over lunchtime to explore the garden & I'm generally focusing on Insects that are enjoying the sun. The Insect of the day was a pair of mating Green Shieldbugs. I had seen one earlier in the Lockdown sitting & blending in well on the Ivy, but good to see this wasn't a lone individual & there is every chance of more on the way for later this year.
Green Shieldbug: f (27 Mar 20)
Green Shieldbug: Mating pair
Green Shieldbug: The nymphs are flightless (8 Aug 14)

Check tomorrow to see what the B in #BWKM0 stands for, in the next day's wildlife sighting when I will be confined at #BWKM0.