3 Apr 2020

3 Apr 20 - Gannet Added To The Lockdown List #BWKM0

After breakfast, I had a quick look out of the bedroom window & noticed that as it was cloudy, there wasn't any of the usual bright glare off the sea. There was time for a quick thirty minute distant seawatch from the house, before I started work. I was hoping that a party of Common Scoter might fly past Peveril Point by Swanage harbour, given the number that had been heard flying at night over various English gardens, in the previous couple of nights. Not surprisingly I failed to see any Ducks of any species in my short watch. However, I did get a Gannet which was a nice addition to the House Year List (no 44). Gannets are annual & the most regular Seabird on the House List, as they are easily seen if I spent some time seawatching when there is an onshore blow. Still it was good to get in on the Lockdown List.
Gannet: At sea off Portugal from the Plancius. In comparison, my individual was identifiable with a scope on 40x (7 May 18)

Check tomorrow to see the next day's wildlife sighting at when I will be confined at #BWKM0.