5 Apr 2020

5 Apr 20 - Another Garden Tick #BWKM0

Today the #BWKM0 will have to change to Beewatching Kilometre 0. Just been out into the garden & spotted what a thought was a Tawny Mining Bee. But a quick check of my only photos of the species from my office in Winchester, confirmed it clearly didn't look like it was a Tawny Mining Bee. Time to find the excellent Field Guide to the Bees of Great Britain and Ireland by Steven Falk & Richard Lewington. This came up with Red Mason Bee. This is the commonest Mason Bee in lowland England & Wales. But as I'm still getting used to looking at Bees, then I'm not surprised that it's a Tick.
Red Mason Bee: It's always good to get a UK Tick in the garden
Tawny Mining Bee: For comparison the superficially similar Tawny Mining Bee. Winchester (30 Mar 17)

Check tomorrow to see the next day's wildlife sighting at when I will be confined at #BWKM0.