2 Apr 2020

2 Apr 20 - Two Additions To The Lockdown Bird List #BWKM0

A good day with a flyover Lesser Black-backed Gull: which aren't seen annually over the house. Nearly all the Gulls over my house are the Herring Gulls or Black-headed Gulls. I'm sure Lesser Black-backed Gulls pass through every now & then, but as they don't hang around, most get missed.
Lesser Black-backed Gull: At sea off Portugal from the Plancius (7 May 18)
In addition, I had heard a Song Thrush singing in the distance. I'm pretty sure I had heard one at the start of the Lockdown, but I erred on the side of caution & waiting for another confirmed record. They are a fairly regular species, but sadly they are uncommon locally & erratically seen or heard. The only time I saw them more regularly was when a pair nested in the Clematis above the back door in the early 2000s. Once the youngsters had hatched the family quickly moved on & the status quo of erratic visits restarted.
Song Thrush: Only heard, but I suspect I will see one before the end of the Lockdown. Old Harry (1 Jun 14)
It was good to get a couple of extra Lockdown garden/house Ticks. Check tomorrow to see the next day's wildlife sighting at when I will be confined at #BWKM0.