24 Oct 2014

24 Oct 14 - A Big Hawk & A Small Warbler

A few days ago, an Oleander Hawk Moth was caught in Moth traps at Durlston. I think it was removed from the park, by the non Dorset guys who caught it, but was returned last night. Having seen a tweet to say it was going to be on view in the Durlston Castle centre today, I decided to pop up & see it. It's a pity that it was removed for several days by the original Moth-ers. I hope it will finally be released in the park this evening. Looking at the excellent Dorset Moth Website, it looks like it is only the 5th Dorset record, with records from Durlston & West Bexington.
Oleander Hawk Moth: Nice to see, even if in a box
I had time for a quick walk around the trees close to Durlston castle, before my car parking ticket expired. There was a small Tit flock with a lone Goldcrest at the start of the caravan terrace. A bit of pishing & I heard a single call from a Yellow-browed Warbler. A bit more pishing & it responded and gave some better views. I presume this was a YBW that local Birder, Nick Hopper, found a few days ago.
Yellow-browed Warbler: Who could ever get bored seeing these great Warblers in Dorset
Yellow-browed Warbler: Unfortunately, the photos were all a bit underexposed due to the backlighting. But there wasn't the time to fix that while the YBW was on view
Yellow-browed Warbler
There are also great views of Peveril Point at the edge of Swanage & Old Harry, but spoilt by the sprawling development of Bournemouth. This must have been a great view a couple of hundred years ago.
The view from the end of the caravan terrace over Peveril Point & Old Harry