22 Oct 2014

22 Oct 14 - Now You See Me, Now You Don't

A Long-tailed Duck turned up at Radipole on the 21 Oct & was seen for a short while near the visitors centre, before disappearing towards the top of the reserve. With news it was back at the VC end of the reserve the following day, I decided to give it a go. After a bit of searching, I found it close to the VC. There was a gap in the reeds allowing a few photos.
Long-tailed Duck: Makes a change from being right out in Portland or Poole Harbours
Soon afterwards it did was it was very good at doing: diving.
Long-tailed Duck: Goodbye. It spent a lot of time underwater
It must have come up again out of sight for me. Despite waiting & searching over the next 20 minutes, I failed to see it again. Checking with the VC team, they confirmed a few minutes before I walked in, it had flown back up to the other end of the reserve. A quick search at the other end of the reserve failed to find it, but I was short on time to look properly.
Mallard: Pair. At least the resident species are a bit easier to photograph
Tufted Duck: Male. A bad hair day
Tufted Duck: Male
Tufted Duck: Female
A real shame about the poor light, but I guess I should be grateful the rain had just stopped before I arrived.