3 Oct 2014

3 Oct 14 - The Fisherman

Whilst Birding at Blashford Lakes with ex-pat Birder, Clare, we reached the Ivy Lake South hide. This was well timed as about 5 minutes later this Kingfisher flew in & sat just in front of the hide for several minutes. This is one of my favourite Bird families. Sadly, we only have one species in the UK, excluding the handful of Belted Kingfisher records from the other side of the pond. They are always great to see, but this one was closer than the ones I see at my usual Poole Harbour haunts. Who could not like Kingfishers.
Kingfisher: The all black bill indicates it's a male, females would have an orange lower mandible
Kingfisher: It looks like they have had a good breeding season, given I'm running into more Kingfishers than normal around Poole Harbour