29 Dec 2013

29 Dec 13 - It's A Lark

There were so many good birds seen today around Jungle Hut, that I've had to spread the photos over 3 posts. This is the final posting for the afternoon, when we headed out to some nearby open grassy plains looking for the endemic Malabar Crested Lark. Again the area had a good selection of species. As we were looking for the Malabar Crested Lark, we ran into a couple of  Jerdon's Bushlarks. Checking the nearby bushes, produced a roosting Savanna Nightjar. There was a noisy commotion nearby, which we finally checked out after photographing the Savanna Nightjar. A quick check revealed a noisy party of Yellow-billed Babblers mobbing my first Rock Eagle Owl. Overall, another great afternoon of birding.
The Malabar Crested Lark plains
Rock Eagle Owl: This Owl was unimpressed by being mobbed by a party of Yellow-billed Babblers for at least 20 minutes within inches of its face
Rock Eagle Owl: This is an Indian Subcontinent split from Eagle Owl
Spotted Owlet: These endering Owls are not shy
Savanna Nightjar: Apparently, this species likes to roost on rocks
Savanna Nightjar: Couldn't resist another photo
Jerdon's Bushlark: Originally called Red-winged Bushlark on my first trip, this is now split out from Indian & Bengal Bushlarks & is the Southern most of the Bushlarks
Malabar Lark: One of the Western Ghats endemics I had hoped to see on this trip
Indian Golden Oriole: Another recent Indian split (from Golden Oriole)
Indian Silverbill
We also ran into some Indian Giant Squirrels & an Indian Mongoose again during the day.
Indian Giant Squirrel
 Indian Mongoose
Common House Gecko: I saw similar looking Geckos around the accommodation in the Andamans & Gujarat. This seems to be a widespread Asian & Australian species