29 Dec 2013

29 Dec 13 - Back To The Slopes Behind Jungle Hut

After a late breakfast following the White-bellied Minivet birding, it was back to the wood & bamboo covered slopes behind the camp. Again plenty of birds to keep the camera busy.
Spotted Dove
Small Green Barbet
Indian Pitta: One of the easiest Pittas to see in the world, but always great to see
Golden-fronted Leafbird: The gold forehead separates it from the similar looking Jerdon's Leafbird
 Western Crowned Warbler: The larger size (compared to Greenish Warbler), greyish-green crown, strong bright yellow supercilium, stout orange bill & white vent help to identify this as a Western Crowned Warbler
Western Crowned Warbler: The 2 wingbars are also an important feature for Western Crowned Warbler
Malabar Whistling-thrush: Just got Taiwan Whistling-thrush left to see
White-rumped Shama: The second & more widespread Shama of the trip
Yellow-billed Babbler 
 Purple Sunbird: The mottled crown suggests this might be an immature male, rather than a female
Nilgiri Flowerpecker
Long-tailed Shrike: Dueting pair