26 Dec 2013

26 Dec 13 - New Day, Same Stuff

After Santa failed to deliver the hoped for Andaman Crake, then it was back to Chiriya Tapu to try to again. We spent some time in the area where Dave Willis had seen a pair the previous week. While we had no joy with the Crake, there was an very showy Orange-headed Ground Thrush in the same area.
Orange-headed Ground Thrush: Whilst not uncommon in Indian forests, they can be hard to see well
Orange-headed Ground Thrush: A great forest Thrush to see
Long-tailed Parakeet
Vernal Hanging-parrot: Infernal Hanging-parrots are commonly seen in flight, once the call is learnt. But they generally live up to their nickname as they are usually high up in tall trees & difficult to photograph. So it was a surprise when this curious bird came to check us out & pose for the camera
What I've enjoyed about having the camera is seeing fine details I would never have noticed in the field. Here are a few examples.
White-bellied Swiftlet: Showing the darker patch around the eye
White-bellied Swiftlet: Showing the pale rump
Andaman Woodpecker: Look at that yellow eye ring
Andaman Treepie: Another yellow eye ring
Finally, it was time to knock the Andaman Crake search on the head, until another failed attempt in the afternoon (when we briefly heard a different individual, but again which would show itself). But before we headed off to Port Blair for lunch, there was time for a quick drink stop near the coast.
Coastal mangroves: Guess this was another area devastated by the tsunami
Stork-billed Kingfisher: Nearby in better mangroves was this great Kingfisher
Seaplane: This looks like a practical way to move around the islands