22 Dec 2013

22 Dec 13 - A Cracking Flowerpecker

Back to Gandhi Park hoping that the Daurian Starlings might be feeding in the park, but looks like the park is only a roost site. But more opportunities for bird photography of non forest species.
Vernal Hanging-parrot: Checking he has still got his 4 toes. A Sparrow sized Parrot with a lot of character
White-bellied Swiftlet: A widespread Asian species also known as Glossy Swiftlet
Blue-tailed Bee-eater: I'm always happy to watch Bee-eaters
Blue-tailed Bee-eater
 Pacific Swallow: Smaller & more compact than Swallows without the bluish lower throat band
Brown Shrike: 'Philippine Shrike' lucionensis race
Small Minivet
Red-whiskered Bulbul: A common successful species found throughout the main island, except in the best forests
 Common Myna: A widespread species that has successfully been introduced to many countries
Brown Flycatcher: This would be great to see on Portland
Brown Flycatcher
Finally, the first endemic photographed: Andaman Flowerpecker. Flowerpeckers are predominately an Asian Family and most are barely bigger than a Wren. To make them harder to see well, a number like to feed around the tops of flowering trees. Therefore, it was great to find that there is only 1 species on the Andamans, so no problems with identification & also they were often feeding in low scrubby trees. Flowerpeckers have a lot of character for such a small bird, so it's great to see them well.
Andaman Flowerpecker
Andaman Flowerpecker: Enjoying breakfast
Andaman Flowerpecker: Checking what else is going on
Finally, it was time to head back to the hotel & wait for Brian Field to arrive, along with the bird guide, Vivek, & driver, Gophal.