26 Feb 2018

26 Feb 18 - Colombia: Another Set Of Hummers To Learn

We arrived at the welcoming Montezuma Rainforest Ecolodge with about an hour & a half of light left and quickly put the bags in the rooms. There were a number of feeders next to the open-sided restaurant. The feeders were very busy, with a good selection of fourteen species of Hummingbirds.
White-necked Jacobin: This is a widespread species which occurs from Mexico to Bolivia and Amazonian Brazil
White-necked Jacobin: The white neck is visible on this individual
Tawny-bellied Hermit: I'm not used to seeing Hermits coming to feeders, so this individual was a pleasant treat
Tawny-bellied Hermit: This species occurs from Colombia to Ecuador and Peru
Violet-tailed Sylph: This species occurs in Colombia & Ecuador
Velvet-purple Coronet: A species that is restricted to the Western Andes of Southern Colombia & NW Ecuador
Booted Racket-tail: A widespread species that occurs from Colombia & Venezuela to Ecuador, Peru & Bolivia. The males appear larger due to their long tail streamers, but the females are only the size of a Woodstar
Rufous-gaped Hillstar: This species has recently been split from White-tailed Hillstar. Rufous-gaped Hillstar occurs in the Western Andes of Southern Colombia & NW Ecuador
Rufous-gaped Hillstar: Note, the distinctive rufous moustachial and the extensive purple throat & breast as it turns its head
Green-crowned Brilliant: The majority of resident species we saw do not occur in Central America, but this species occurs from Costa Rica & Panama to Colombia& Western Ecuador
Green-crowned Brilliant: As it turned, its purple throat was obvious
Empress Brilliant: This is another Pacific slope species occurring in Southern Colombia & NW Ecuador
I will cover the remaining Hummingbirds & other species at the feeders in the next Post.