25 Feb 2018

25 Feb 18 - Colombia: Below The Colibri Hotel

After a great early afternoon watching the Hummingbirds at the Hotel Termales del Ruiz, we headed off for a few hours to explores the valley from the dirt road below the hotel. Fortunately, there was little traffic on the road. It was a mixture of small grassy fields & woods along the road.
The view from the hotel
A view from the road
We crossed this small river at one point
What was a fairly quiet afternoon, translated into an easier editing session to sort out the photos for this Post (unlike the last Hummingbird Post). The highlight was my first Paramo Tapaculo, which showed as well as, any of the Colombian Tapaculos & allowed the chance of a few record shot photos.
Paramo Tapaculo: They occur from Colombia through Ecuador to Northern Peru
Paramo Tapaculo
White-banded Tyrannulet: This species occurs from Colombia to Ecuador, Peru and Western Bolivia
Crowned Chat-tyrant: Another species which occurs from Colombia to Ecuador, Peru and Western Bolivia
Lacrimose Mountain-tanager: This is a widespread Andean species which occurs from Colombia and Western Venezuela to Ecuador & Peru
Roadside Fungi
It's about time to introduce some of the others on the tour.
Brian, Pirjo, Judy & Rich
Rich, Rob & tour leader, Janos