22 Feb 2018

22 Feb 18 - Colombia: Walking Out Of The Otun-Quinbaya Reserve

After lunch at the Otun-Quinbaya Reserve, we loaded up the minibus & started walking out along the entrance track. At one point, we got back in the minibus & drove further along the track, before disembarking again. There was a good selection of species along the entrance track, but overall not the same quality as during the morning. This was especially true as the further we went from the reserve accommodation, the more the habitat was broken up with small farms, between the wooded areas.
Initially, the track went through reasonable habitat: Janos, Brian & Pirjo (left to right)
Collared Trogon
Acorn Woodpeckers
Strong-billed Woodcreeper
Acadian Flycatcher: The last one I saw was the Dungeness individual (the first UK record)
Acadian Flycatcher
Red-ruffed Fruitcrow: This species has an interesting distribution and occurs in parts of Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela & Guyana. There is a separate population in SE Brazil, Paraguay & NE Argentina
Red-ruffed Fruitcrow: This is the granadensis subspecies which occurs in the Eastern & Central Andes of Colombia and Western Venezuela
Bright-rumped Tanager: Male. The taxonomy of this species is debated & it is sometimes split into Flame-rumped Tanager and Lemon-rumped Tanager by some authorities including IOC
Golden Tanager: A widespread Tanager which occurs from Colombia & Venezuela, to Ecuador, Peru & Bolivia
Slowly, the habitat opened up as we reached a number of small farms & open fields.
Rich trying to blend in with the locals
Cattle Egret
Southern Lapwing
Shiny Cowbird
A few butterflies put in an appearance.
Butterfly sp.
Butterfly sp.
Butterfly sp.
Finally, we reached a bridge over a fast-flying river which added a few new species for the trip.
The river
Torrent Duck: Male. It's always worth checking these fast-flowing rivers in South America
Broad-winged Hawk
White-capped Dipper
Finally, it was time to get into the minibus as we an hour & a half drive to our next hotel in Santa Rosa. This proved to be a surprisingly pleasant new hotel set in pretty grounds. They weren't serving food, but just after dark, we walked for about ten minutes to a fast food restaurant where they were cooking a pre-booked meal for us.
The Hotel Matisses: Photo taken the following lunchtime
The first Owl of the trip: but not tickable