30 Aug 2018

30 Aug 18 - The Autumnal Orchid

It's that time of the year again when the last local Orchid, Autumn Lady's Tresses appear. They are one of my favourite local Orchids. If it is a slow day of migrant Birding, then they help to keep me going. These photos are from another colony I found on Ballard Down within my Studland patch. There were 53 in a quick scan, but I'm sure a more careful scan would have produced more. But as this colony is next to some good-looking bushes, then after a few photos I was back to looking for migrant Warblers.
Autumn Lady's Tresses
Autumn Lady's Tresses: There seemed to be a better percentage of taller Autumn Lady's Tresses this year, so perhaps they have benefited from the warm weather