28 Aug 2018

28 Aug 18 - Migrant Hawkers At Littlesea, Studland

The third & final Post from Littlesea, Studland when I was unsuccessfully looking for the Purple Heron. There were plenty of other wildlife to distract me including a showy Moorhen & an Ashy Mining Bee. I also saw good numbers of male Migrant Hawkers. They spent a lot of time patrolling along the edge of Littlesea, but would hover every now & then for photos.
Migrant Hawker: Male
Migrant Hawker: Male. They weren't perching very often. The brownish eyes & virtually non-existent anti-humeral yellow stripes (the very small yellow stripe on the 'shoulder' on the body) are key features to separate them from Common Hawkers. Common Hawkers have much stronger yellow anti-humeral stripes & blue eyes
Migrant Hawker: Male. Another individual taken three days later (31 Aug 18)