30 Aug 2018

30 Aug 18 - Another Sign Of Autumn: Spotted Flycatchers

Another great time in the Autumn for me is when the Spotted Flycatchers are on the move in numbers as there are usually one or two that are happy to pose for photos. This individual was on the top of Ballard Down.
Spotted Flycatcher: Juv: It was good to be able to look down on this individual. Generally, I've only managed to photograph Spotted Flycatchers above my head
Spotted Flycatcher: Juv. Given the fresh plumage this individual is going to be only a month or two old
Spotted Flycatcher: Juv
Spotted Flycatcher: Juv
Here is another Spotted Flycatcher, which is one of several seen at Greenlands Farm on the Studland patch a few days earlier.
Spotted Flycatcher: Juv. It's a pity this individual was sitting deep in the shade for this photograph (25 Aug 18)
Spotted Flycatcher: Juv (25 Aug 18)
Spotted Flycatcher: Juv. It finally came out of the shade, but wasn't as close (25 Aug 18)