17 Oct 2015

17 Oct 15 - The Crossing From Harris To Berneray

It was very quiet first thing on the Sat morning for the ferry from Harris to Berneray. But just after 09:00, the ferry appeared winding around the small islands near to the port of Leverbugh. We were quickly loaded onto the ferry & heading back for the hour long crossing to the small port on Berneray.
The Calmac ferry: In the end it was just me & two vans on the ferry
It was an interesting crossing as the ferry weaves between small islands between Harris & Berneray. It was also like a mill pond with no waves on the water: perfect for photography.
Leverburgh disappears into the distance
North Uist in the distance
I like the waves in this shot
The sky got more dramatic as the sun disappeared as we passed these small islands
There were good numbers of Birds sitting on the water between the two islands, which flew if the ferry got too close.
Great Northern Diver: Nice to see in this plumage
Gannet: There were a few feeding or flying past
Cormorant: Colour-ringed individual. AADH white on purple
Eider: Some great reflections due to the calm water
The clear stars of the crossing were the Black Guillemots.
Black Guillemot
Black Guillemot
Black Guillemot
Black Guillemot
Black Guillemot
Black Guillemot
Black Guillemot
After a great hour, we were soon approaching the small village of Borve on Berneray
Approaching the quay on Berneray in the early morning mist
The place was deserted: So wouldn't be great if you were a foot passenger