15 Oct 2015

15 Oct 15 - Wow

In a late pm decision, I decided that I needed to desert the patch for a short spell & head to Lewis.
It was worth the trip, despite the long drive & not having slept since I work up 39 hours ago. But about to head off the get a long overdue sleep. More to come from today when I get the chance.
Wilson's Warbler: The green edgings to the crown feathers look interesting. A quick internet search on ageing/sexing, says 1st Winter males & females have a less extensive black crown with green edging to the crown
I managed to get four sightings this afternoon: two very brief views with the bins & the other two of those were through the camera. The Wilson's Warbler is very elusive & after a minute of two of brief views across the group of 30-40 peeps (at any time), it disappears for at least another hour. So I was pleased to get any photos, given how elusive it was.