13 Nov 2014

13 Nov 14 - And Now For Something Completely Different

One of the things I wasn't expecting to be able to do was be able to go snorkelling on the Pacific trip. But with the messages coming back from the members of the group who decided to go snorkelling just on the reef edge around Tenararo, that it was worth the effort, then I was keen to get into the water. It was excellent, but as with my previous snorkelling & PADI diving experiences, I had no opportunity to take any photos. But the good news is Elliot had been in the water before me & he had a Go Pro camera with an underwater casing. He has also given me copies of the videos taken during his session. So here are a few snapshots taken from a video & a selection from one of the better videos. Many thanks to Elliot from the Braveheart for allowing me to put these on the Blog. All copyright for these images & the video remains with Elliot.
Green Turtle: There were two inquisitive Green Turtles close to the reef edge (Copyright Elliot of the Braveheart crew)
I was really pleased that I saw the two Green Turtles very soon after I went into the water. Even better, just like Elliot, one came in really close to about a metre to check me out. I have seen Green Turtles before whilst PADI diving in Palau. But on that occasion, they didn't come closer than about 15 metres from me. That was a regular dive spot & I guess the Green Turtles are use to the divers. Here it is probably quite unusual for snorkellers & divers and that was why the Green Turtles were probably so inquisitive.
Green Turtle: My first view was very similar (Copyright Elliot of the Braveheart crew)
Green Turtle: I'm not sure why they have these damage to the flippers, but it affected both Green Turtles (Copyright Elliot of the Braveheart crew)
Green Turtle: All Turtles need to come to the surface to breath (Copyright Elliot of the Braveheart crew)
Finally, a small video clip of the Green Turtle. The Go Pro camera & underwater mounting was an excellent camera & something I might have to look at buying, if I plan to do a lot more diving or snorkelling on future trips.
Green Turtle video: The one that checked me out came just as close as this (Copyright Elliot of the Braveheart crew). As with the Tuamotu Sandpiper video, I need to do some work to figure out how to upload videos to Blogger without losing the quality. If I can figure that out, I will upload the video again. I will be pleased to hear any suggestions (please leave a Comment to the Post)