25 Nov 2014

25 Nov 14 - Insect Photospot1 - Dorset Butterflies - The Whites, Hairstreaks & Blues

Following on from2 the First Birthday post, this is the first of several posts focusing on Dorset's fantastic Butterflies & Dragonflies. As we go into the Autumn & Butterflies are largely a distant memory, save a few late Red Admiral & a handful of other late species, then I thought I would remind everybody of the great range of Butterflies that occur in Dorset. I've managed to see all 45 species of Butterfly that breed regularly in Dorset these days. Additionally, I've seen 3 vagrant species in Dorset: Monarchs (3 different years), three of the five St Aldhelms Swallowtails & a Large Tortoiseshell, not forgetting the Maps which are most likely an illegal released. So here is a Photospot on the first half of the Dorset Butterfly list to help showcase how good Dorset is for Butterflies. Whenever possible I've tried to use photos taken in Dorset (where I've had to use photos from out of Dorset, I've indicated the county). There are many more photos of these species on the Blog which you can see by clicking on the labels on the right hand side of the Blog. Some of these photos could be improved or added to with additional upper or underwing photos or shots of both sexes, but that will give me something to do in future years.
Large White: Swanage (12 Aug 14)
Small White: Enjoying the Red Valerian in my garden (5 Aug 14)
Green-veined White: Old Harry (31 May 14)
Orange-tip: A species to photograph next year
Clouded Yellow: Old Harry (3 Sep 14)
Brimstone: Fontmell Down (30 July 14)
Purple Hairstreak: Alner's Gorse (20 July 13)
Brown Hairstreak: Alner's Gorse (27 July 14)
White-letter Hairstreak: Alner's Gorse (4 Aug 13)
Green Hairstreak: Allt Mhuic, Western Scotland (2 June 12)
Small Copper: St Aldhelms (2 July 14)
Small Blue: Old Harry (2 June 13)
Holly Blue: Swanage (8 Aug 14)
Silver-studded Blue: Female. Latchmore Brook, Hampshire (23 June 14)
Silver-studded Blue: Female. Latchmore Brook, Hampshire (23 June 14)
Brown Argus: Ulwell Gap (6 Aug 14)
Brown Argus: Ulwell Gap (6 Aug 14)
Chalkhill Blue: Male. Fontmell Down (30 July 14)
Adonis Blue: Durlston (Aug 14)
Common Blue: Female. Fontmell Down (30 July 14)
Common Blue: Female. Fontmell Down (30 July 14)
Part 2 of of this Insect Photospot will cover the remaining Dorset Butterflies including the Nymphalidae (Aristocrats, Fritillaries & Browns) and Skippers.