13 Nov 2014

13 Nov 14 - Back On Dry Land Again

I had come to accept that landings on the islands wasn't to be taken for granted & so it was great to hear the news at breakfast, that we could get a second run ashore onto Tenararo. This was a chance to have another photography session, as well as, to just enjoy the fantastic Birds that lived on this great island. The plan was for a shorter trip with us coming off late morning. In the end, I decided to come off a bit earlier than some of the stalwarts, as there was also the opportunity for some snorkeling on the reef. But more of that in a future Post. This time we were greeted on the beach by an Atoll Fruit-dove.
Atoll Fruit-dove: The perfect model
Atoll Fruit-dove: There were more as I walked into the trees
Atoll Fruit-dove: They have quite a wide bill
Another breeding Seabird on Tenararo were the White Terns. They are another species that it is difficult to not photograph. All these White Tern photos were taken with the Canon SX60. Whilst I missed not having the Canon 7D's motorwind (I've yet to spend time trying the sport mode), the White Terns would often approach too close to be able to use the Canon 7D. The flying individual spent over a minute hovering close to me.
White Tern: They don't waste time making a nest
White Tern
White Tern
White Tern
White Tern
I seemed to struggle with photographing the flying Boobies. Usually they were too far away on the moving deck. But on Tenararo it was the reverse problem: they were often too close.
Red-footed Booby
Red-footed Booby
Red-footed Booby: Just in case you were struggling to identify the species, it lowered the undercarriage
Several pairs of Great Frigatebirds were nesting on the inner beach.
 Great Frigatebird: Juvenile & nest
Great Frigatebird: It looks slightly wary, but few people would want to go near that bill
Great Frigatebird: Head & shoulders
Again I saw a few Strawberry Hermit Crabs amongst the trees. I like the great eyes. I often wonder how some of the wildlife I photograph, sees the world. It would be very interesting to see how different this Strawberry Hermit Crab sees the beach compared to the view through my eyes.
Strawberry Hermit Crab: Great eyes
Strawberry Hermit Crab