26 Apr 2014

26 April 14 - Great-crested Newt

Every few days I check out the Great-crested Newts in the pond. They are best seen after dark as they are fairly shy. Was really pleased to see I've now got 3 males & a female: which is a nice improvement on the single male of last Summer & the pair seen earlier this Spring. Couldn't resist a few more photos of my favourite garden resident.
Great-crested Newt: Male number 1. Males have a jagged crest
Great-crested Newt: Male number 2 with a female Smooth Newt showing how large the Great-crested Newts are compared to the other British Newts
Great-crested Newt: Male number 3
Great-crested Newt: Female. Females do not have the jagged crest of the males
Smooth Newt: Male. Males have a smooth crest along the full length in the breeding season & have clear unwebbed toes. In comparison, the male Palmate Newt (which I've yet to find in the pond) does not have the crest & has webbing black hind feet in the breeding season