25 Apr 2014

25 April 14 - Middlebere Spoonbills

In recent days, the tides have been rising in late afternoon/early evening which is always a good time to visit Middlebere. Middlebere is one of the last places in Poole Harbour that gets covered over & therefore, there it's a good place to look for Waders & other species to congregate on the rising tide. It is also one of the favourite places for Spoonbills to feed undisturbed as well as preen & sleep. It's great to be able to see them feeding so actively, as all my early memories of Spoonbills in the UK were of sleeping birds at places like Minsmere.
Spoonbill: 1st Summer birds have black wing tips
Spoonbill: With Black-tailed Godwit, Oystercatchers & a Black-headed Gull
Spoonbill: This is the first time I've seen then in the side creek nearest to the hide
Spoonbill: Preening
Spoonbill: This one kept stretching its wings after a bit of preening
Spoonbill: They normally don't perform this well
Spoonbill: This is more typical of my early sightings before moving to Dorset (i.e. asleep)
Black-tailed Godwit: About 160 Blackwits flew in at one point
Black-tailed Godwits: Dorset birds are the islandica subspecies & will be off to Iceland to breed in the next few weeks. A real pity one of these birds hasn't got a black underwing