6 Jul 2022

6 Jul 22 - Young Brownsea Friends

Wednesday is my regular volunteering day on the DWT Brownsea reserve. One of the key activities for the volunteers is to man the entrance desk to the reserve, where the volunteers get to meet & greet the visitors.

Over the last three weeks, there has been a female Mallard in this area where the DWT reserve meets the National Trust part of the island. This female has been mum to four ducklings which have grown in size, confidence & now character. Today, it looks like something has happened to one of the four ducklings, but the other three have been doing well. When they came into view this afternoon, the three ducklings were chasing after some of the visitors with mum following on behind along the main NT track. They then came to see us on the entrance desk.
Mallard: Fearless & inquisitive Ducklings
It was time to get the mobile out & get some photos from ground level. I don't often get to photograph Birds from this angle, but I always enjoy the results when I get the chance.
Mallard: Duckling
Birds don't always have to be rare, to be fun to see.