29 Jun 2022

29 Jun 22 - #30DaysWild Day 29 - Sometimes You Just Got Up Too Early As It's Summer

Ever get that feeling that sometimes you just got up too early in the morning as it's Summer? This was the sight that greeted one of the other Brownsea volunteers & myself, as we walked along the boardwalk to the DWT reserve.
Red Squirrel: This morning is a bit too long
The Red Squirrels can be tricky to see on Brownsea, but the benefit of being a volunteer is they are a bit more showy when it's quiet & we have to arrive early so we are ready for when the public arrive. Having said that, I managed to point out two different Red Squirrels to visitors on the day.
Red Squirrel: We've been clocked
Red Squirrel: A bit of acrobatics