28 Jun 2022

28 Jun 22 - #30DaysWild Day 28 - Shiny And Babies

A walk out to St Aldhelms produced a few subjects to photograph including this bright metallic green Rose Chafer. There was also a Small Tortoiseshell & the first Marbled Whites I've seen this year: but they were active & quickly left the footpath for the neighbouring fields.
Rose Chafer: This bright Beetle isn't uncommon at St Aldhelms, but it is the first time I've managed to photograph one. Last year I saw one flying around Quarry Ledge like a large, fast-moving & agile Bumblebee
On the walk out to the Head, I disturbed a female Pheasant & at least five chicks: mum & babies scattered. I quickly moved on. Looking back from ten metres away, I could see mum quickly returned to call her chicks. Nice to confirm that they breed at St Aldhelms, as well as, move in from where they are released on the Encombe estate. It was also good to find these two recently fledged Swallows being fed by their parents. I grabbed some quick photos & left them in peace.
Swallow: These juvenile Swallows are likely to have bred locally