22 Jul 2018

22 Jul 18 - T6 Harvard (G-DHHF) At Studland

I'm always happy to see interesting planes flying over when I'm out Birding so I was keen to grab some shots of this US heritage plane as it went over Littlesea. I'm even happier if they are flying over Studland as they look good over the patch. I was struggling to identify it, but fortunately, local Birder Jol Mitchell knows a lot more about historic planes than I do. Jol identified it as a T6 Harvard, which was used as a World War II trainer for pilots. It's call sign is G-DHHF. It has relatively recently changed hands & is now owned by DH Heritage Flights.
T6 Harvard (G-DHHF)
It is based at the Compton Abbas airfield near Shaftesbury in Dorset. Since changing ownership, it has been repainted to these new colours which didn't help trying to figure out which T6 Harvard it was. It was built in 1942 & served initially with the US air force & later the US navy until 1959 when it was sold to a private owner. It has been owned & flown by a number of owners in the US before finally being sold to DH Heritage Flights & coming to the UK in Nov 2016. More information about its history & the other T6 Harvards that are still flying can be found here.
T6 Harvard (G-DHHF): It looks good in its wartime colours with tail number 431917
T6 Harvard (G-DHHF): It flew South over Littlesea & then over Ballard Down before turning West. Perhaps it was returning from the Farnborough airshow or just on a local heritage flight