20 Jul 2018

20 Jul 18 - Some Of The Resident Birds At Studland's Littlesea

Since I found the Purple Heron at Littlesea, I've spent a lot of time looking to try & relocate it during the daytime. I suspect it spends its time feeding at Littlesea, but generally tucked into the reed edges, hence my lack of sightings. However, I have had the chance to get some nice photos of some of the other commoner residents, while I've been looking.
Dabchick: There are a few present most years at Littlesea
Great Crested Grebe: Two pairs have bred this year at Littlesea: this youngster is probably only few days old
Great Crested Grebe: One of the parents of the other pair which had a nearly fully grown youngster with a Roach
Great Crested Grebe: The same parent with the large youngster. The other parent seems to have lost interest in feeding this youngster
Great Crested Grebe: There is also a larger group of non breeding individuals on Littlesea
Great Crested Grebe: Bad hair day
Canada Goose: This family successfully raised these two large youngsters at Littlesea this year
Mediterranean Gull: Moulting adult. Littlesea lies between South & Knoll Beaches and Brands Bay & forms a regular stopover place for a quick freshwater bathing site for the local Gulls
Although I've not seen the Purple Heron during the daytime I have seen it on a number of occasions as it's gone to roost. Unfortunately, it has settled into a habit of going to roost in poor light & remains elusive during the day. Still if it continues to stick around maybe I will eventually get lucky.
Purple Heron: Juv. This individual looks like it is going to become a resident for the next few weeks at least (21 Jul 18)