18 Jun 2015

18 June 15 - Seabirds Galore

The journey across to Bardsey for the Cretzschmar's Bunting twitch, was choppy as we sped into the waves & there was a clear determination to get there as soon as possible. Ewan immediately dismissed the suggestion we could look for Auks at the colonies on the way to Bardsey. As a result, we didn't see many of the Seabirds well on the crossing over.
Manx Shearwater: Not brilliant, but still a photo tick for the Blog. A handful of Manxies raced past us at one point
However, the crossing back was both calmer as we weren't heading into the waves & also we had the time to chill out & enjoy the Seabirds.
We were soon heading away from Bardsey
Soon after leaving Bardsey, we saw a few Puffins from the boat. Always a favourite Auk to see well. But after that, the Auk numbers quickly dropped off until we reached the Seabird breeding islands of Ynys Gwylan-fawr & Ynys Gwylan-bach: where there is a good Puffin colony.
Ynys Gwylan-fawr island: There were about 40 Puffins in the water off the end of the island
Puffin: Another photo tick for the Blog
The next stop was at a Guillemot & Razorbill colony.
The Seabird colony
Shag: Adult on right with its juvwenile on the left
Guillemot: This was the commoner species around the colony
Guillemot: The breeding ledges were pretty crowded. Note, the Bridled Guillemot in the centre of the photo: this is a colour form of the Guillemot, which is uncommon in Southern colonies, but is more common in the Northern colonies
Razorbill with 2 Puffins & 2 Guillemots: There were a smaller number of Razorbills in the colony. Note, the Razorbills are blacker than the brown Guillemots
Razorbill: With another Guillemot