9 Jun 2015

9 June 15 - Flower Spectacles From Old Harry & Ballard Down

Following on from yesterday's Post of a few of the scenery views from Old Harry & Ballard Down, here are a few photos of the May Flower spectacles from the Old Harry & Ballard Down area. As with Yesterday's Post, this helps to offset a long & migrant free visit to Old Harry. Enjoy.
Wild Garlic & Bluebells: There are a couple of coppiced woodlands on Ballard Down. Coppicing is the traditional practice of carefully managing & cutting the trees to provide long wooden staves, without killing the trees. The understories of these coppiced woods are a mass of Wild Garlic & Bluebells. In May, these woods are very scenic, spoilt only by idiots on mountain bikes who feel compelled to race rapidly along the narrow tracks, without consideration for walkers or the National Trust notices to ask them not to take their bikes in there (10 May 15)
Cowslips: Next to the cliffs immediately South of Old Harry is a long open grass meadow, most of which is allowed to grow naturally. In part of this long clifftop meadow are several large patches of Cowslips (10 May 15)
Buttercups & Dandelions: Two weeks later, large parts of this open grass meadow were transformed by these Buttercups & Dandelions. Looking South towards the high part of the Ballard Ridge (24 May 15)