4 Sept 2014

4 Sep 14 - Catching Up - The Best Of The Rest From Old Harry

I've made a number of visits to Old Harry, whixh is part of the Studland patch this month. Some of the photos from these trips have made it into Spotted Flycatcher, Pied Flycatcher & Redstart posts already, but other photos haven't. So I'll take this opportunity to catch up on some of the other birds seen in early Sep around Old Harry. Nothing particularly rare, but all of which keep the interest up whilst hoping for that good Bird. Three of these are new species for the blog. That's the point I ran out of time for blog preparation today. Will aim to get some more out tomorrow.
Sparrowhawk: Old Harry (4 Sep 14)
Peregrine: A fleeting flying over bird which is often encountered around Old Harry (3 Sep 14)
Wren: Old Harry (3 Sep 14)
Dunnock: A generally overlooked species, but a favourite of mine as they are great characters. Old Harry (3 Sep 14)
Whitethroat: These have been a few around on most visits to Old Harry, so far this month (4 Sep 14)
Robin: Adult. Surprisingly, the first photo of Robin for the blog. Old Harry (4 Sep 14)
Robin: Juvenile. Old Harry (4 Sep 14)