27 Mar 2022

27 Mar 22 - A Female Reeves's Pheasant

There are a couple of sites in the historic Isle of Purbeck where there is a reasonable chance of seeing Reeves's Pheasants. The males are stunning Pheasants & despite being an introduced feral population, they are always great to see.
Reeves's Pheasant: Male
The vast majority of the Reeves's Pheasants are males. It's unclear why this is. Perhaps the males are just more prepared to hang around & show off, whereas, the drabber females prefer to keep in cover. An alternative option is the females get shot by the local Pheasant shoot as they could easily be confused with a Pheasant. It would be much easier for a shooter to identify a male Reeves's Pheasant and lower the gun.
Reeves's Pheasant: Female. Seeing this female was surprising as I've never seen a Reeves's Pheasant at this location before or since (27 Mar 22)