8 Aug 2022

8 Aug 22 - Osprey Taster

There was a private boat trip this evening as an excuse for a number of local Poole Birders to catch up with ex-Poole birder James Lidster while he was in town. We started with a trip up the Wareham Channel & the Frome & we finished off with a late evening visit to overlook the Brownsea lagoon.

The highlight in the Wareham Channel was sightings of the two local breeding Ospreys, CJ7 and later O22, both of whom dropped in briefly for dinner. They are both good at catching fish & didn't hang around. CJ7 came closer to our boat, but still not as close as we would have liked. Like the two private boat trips in July, it was a very enjoyable evening with even better weather than July.
Osprey: Female CJ7
Osprey: Female CJ7
The Birds of Poole Harbour team will be running a lot of their Bird Boats in Aug & early Sep into the Wareham Channel in the expectation of multiple Osprey sightings & the hope of other sightings including White-tailed Sea-eagles. Obviously, the birds seen & the views are always going to be a matter of luck of the day, but hopefully they will get some good sightings on those boats. A full list of the boat trips they will be running & how to book a trip is on their website.